Create New Database and Auto Generate .NET Code

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Pure Objects free tool creates .NET C# / VB.NET object model class code, Data layer code, SQL table, and stored procedures. 
Pure Objects is a VB.NET / C# Code generator as well as a SQL CRUD scripts generator.  This will save you time!

1. Object & Table names
2. Add fields along with their types and sizes

PureObjects generates the following all at once:
1. C#/VB.NET Model Object Class code
2. C#/VB.NET Data Layer code
3. SQL table create script
4. SQL CRUD stored procedures scripts

Step 1 - Enter Object & Table names
C#/VB.NET Object Name:  SQL Database Table Name: 

Step 2 - Add fields along with their types and sizes
Field Name: 
Object Type: SQL DB Type: SQL DB Size: 
SQL DB Nullable?

Object Fields:

Step 3 - Press Generate Code/Scripts button
.NET Language: ASP.NET Version: Database:


.NET Object Model Code

.NET Data Layer Code - GetAll() Method

.NET Data Layer Code - Insert() Method

.NET Data Layer Code - Update() Method


SQL Stored Procedures - GetAll

SQL Stored Procedures - Insert

SQL Stored Procedures - Update

SQL Stored Procedures - Delete

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