Auto Generate .NET Code for an Existing Database

(Don't have the Database built yet? Click here to build a New Database and Auto Generate Code)

Using an existing database, the Pure Objects free tool creates .NET C# / VB.NET object model class code, Data layer code, and stored procedures. 
Pure Objects is a VB.NET / C# Code generator as well as a SQL CRUD scripts generator.  This will save you time!

1. SQL Database CREATE Scripts

PureObjects generates the following all at once:
1. C#/VB.NET Model Object Class code
2. C#/VB.NET Data Layer code
3. SQL table create script
4. SQL CRUD stored procedures scripts

Step 1 - Generate SQL Database CREATE Scripts
 1. In MS SQL Server 2005, right click on the Database Name under the Object Explorer pan
 2. Choose Tasks > Generate Scripts...
 3. Click Next
 4. With the Database Name highlighted, click Next
 5. Ensure that for Script Bahaviour, "Generate CREATE statements only." is selected
 6. Click Next
 7. Check Tables, then click Next
 8. Click "Select All" button to choose all tables, or check desired once.
 9. Click Next
10. Choose "Script to Clipboard", then click Next, then Finish

Step 2 - Paste SQL Database CREATE Scripts
Right Click & Paste Here:  

Step 3 - Press Generate Code/Scripts button
.NET Language: ASP.NET Version: Database:

.NET Object Model Code

.NET Data Layer Code - GetAll / Insert / Update Methods

SQL Stored Procedures - GetAll

SQL Stored Procedures - Insert

SQL Stored Procedures - Update

SQL Stored Procedures - Delete

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